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About Us

Poppy Varden is a diverse, colourful hub for natural health information, clean eating ideas and innovative beauty products. We are very excited that our new-look online store now offers credible CBD (Cannabidiol) products from a few, very carefully selected health companies with sincere, ethical attitudes.

We believe it is very important how you live your life, the food that you eat and staying active and being connected with yourself. Go organic as much as you possibly can and give your body the essentials it needs to live disease free and give it the best possible chances to heal itself. We must take care of ourselves!

Below is a general (but not complete) list of the kind of topics feel strongly about and so that you know what to expect. No sneaky gimmicks!

  • Providing you with the best CBD products on the market
  • Health supplements to make getting your daily essentials easier
  • Fresh, exciting and balanced recipes for clean eating 
  • How to guides on homemade beauty treatments
  • Free giveaways of our favourites that we think you should know about
  • Step-by-step, safe and effective detox guides
  • Our suggestions on the best natural beauty products